Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose burial at sea?

There are few coastal areas in the world as well known as the sea beyond the Golden Gate or the beauty of the Mendocino Coast. The beauty of San Francisco, the Bay, the Golden Gate or the Mendocino coast are reminders that loves lost will not be forgotten. Golden Gate Burial Services provides a natural, affordable, and conservative alternative to a traditional cemetery burial. Our families have a love for the ocean and find it the ideal resting place for their loved ones.

Is it possible to be buried at sea without cremation?

Yes. Beginning this year Golden Gate Burial Services working with Chapel by the Sea in Fort Bragg, California can accommodate this request. We will provide either a shroud or casket which meets federal requirements.

How are cremated remains sent to Golden Gate Burial Services?

Golden Gate Burial Services can receive cremated remains from funeral homes, families, or individuals from anywhere in the United States. Simply forward them by registered mail to:

Golden Gate Burial Services
5975 South Highway One
Elk, California

You should ship the ashes in a plastic bag (the original bag the ashes came in is usually adequate), placed inside the box from your funeral home. You may want to place that bag inside another bag for added protection. Place the box in a shipping box, with the term "Cremated Remains" on the address side. When shipping, be sure to ask for Registered Mail with return receipt service. Please contact us with any questions regarding the shipping process. Golden Gate Burial Services is not responsible for packages in transit by the Post Office.

Are there any special instructions I should give regarding preparation for shipment?

When ordering cremation, ask your mortician, funeral home director or veterinarian to forward the cremated remains to the address below by registered mail. Payment is made by sending a check or money order separately from the cremated remains container. We do not use credit cards for payment. If payment is not received prior to the burial service, we will invoice the next of kin or guardian on the burial certificate forwarded with the remains. We are required by law to bury the remains as soon as possible within 30 days.

Can I perform an at sea burial myself?

Yes. While state laws vary there is general acceptance that ashes may be scattered at sea by anyone authorized to do so. We recommend contacting the County Health Department for State and local regulations. Filing of disposal documentation is required.

Is it possible to accompany Captain de Vall on this voyage?

Yes. When requested for either the scattering of ashes beyond the Golden Gate or for a burial at sea off the Mendocino Coast.

Does Golden Gate Burial Services photograph or video the service?

Yes, our services can include a CD or DVD of the voyage to the resting site, along with a notarized certificate of burial affirming the date, time and location. Please see our Schedule of Services.

How can I learn more about Golden Gate Burial Services?

Please contact us by e-mail at the address shown below or telephone 707.357.5555 You may also contact Chapel by the Sea at 707-964-5675. We will answer all questions you may have regarding burials at sea.

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